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Centre Guidelines

Our Vision

The services provided by the TCCC are designed to reflect our vision of providing a service where all children feel valued as individuals and are able to develop and maintain supportive and nurturing relationships with their family. The vision includes a safe working environment for staff. Service will be withdrawn from clients who cannot, or will not, work with this Service to enable this vision. 

Guidelines for Changeover Arrangements


Please contact the Centre on 4638 0035 if  you would like a copy of our current Centre Guidelines. A staff member will email them to you.


All information recorded on the Centre’s file and all other information relating to the client and their children is kept confidential within the Centre, there exist limitations on client confidentiality.  It is important that all clients are aware of these limitations.

The specific limits to client confidentiality are:

  1. Where there is suspicion of child abuse.
  2. Where a client discloses their intent to harm themselves or someone else. In this case the person considered at risk of harm and the appropriate authorities will be notified.
  3. Parents whose behaviour is threatening, intimidating or abusive to staff or any other person at our Centre, in person, by phone, or by written communication will have their service withdrawn and the appropriate authorities will be advised.
  4. In the event that services are withdrawn, suspended or likely to be so, the following people, if appointed, will be advised:                                      a) Independent Children's La                                                            b) Separate Representative       c) Case Worker appointed by the Department of Communities                    d) Depending on the circumstances staff may also advise the legal representative of either party.
  5. If a parent advises staff that it is their intention to breach Orders, the other parent will be advised as will the legal representative of the child if one has been appointed. 
  6. Where there is a court appointed legal representative of a child who is a client of the Centre. This may take the form of written or verbal information. 
  7. Where there is a Separate Representative or Case Worker appointed by the Department of Child Safety or other person appointed by the Department of Child Safety. This may take the form of written or verbal information. 
  8. Where a complaint is made, and access to a file may be file may be necessary, consent from the client will be sought to progress the complaint. Management committee members who have a conflict of interest will be excluded from this process. 

This is an irrevocable authority permitting the Centre to release information to any one or more of the above mentioned cases. 


Guidelines for Supervised Contact



  If you would like a copy of the current Guidelines please contact our office on 4638 0035. A staff member will email you a copy.