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How do clients access the Toowoomba Children’s Contact Centre?

Referral Procedure 

Generally most clients are referred by other agencies or the court/legal system. Clients can self refer and court orders or agreements are not required to use the service.  The only requirements are that both parents agree to use the service, comply with the Guidelines and complete the necessary intake requirements. 

Intake Process

  1. Both parents are required to register with the Service.
    Once both parents have registered they will be contacted and an intake interview will be booked. 
  2. Intake interviews are conducted by telephone.
    Parents are then welcome to visit the Centre with their child/children prior to the first visit. Parents are required to sign the Guidelines at their first attendance at the Centre and will be provided with a copy of the Guidelines they signed and the Withdrawal of Service Policy. 
  3. On completion of intake interviews parents will be provided in writing with the following information:
    a) confirmation of bookings made at the Centre and
    b) their allocated car park and entrance to the building. 

Waiting Times

Click here to view our current waiting times.

What can delay the process?

Generally intake interviews are booked within 24hours of both parents registering with the Centre. 

The process of commencing at this Centre cannot progress if only one parent has registered and is significantly delayed if parents will not make themselves available at times the Centre has vacancies. 

For example since January of this year we currently have 31 parents on a waiting list who have registered with us who cannot commence as the other parent has refused to register.

Priority Access

There is no priority of access at this time however consideration is given to the needs of families under the following conditions:

  • Where families have travelled long distances to attend court hearings and request contact visits while in Toowoomba, particularly those whose visits with their children will be on an infrequent basis. 
  • Families who require visits short term prior to returning to court within one month. 
  • Requests from the court where circumstances require special consideration given to families who are disadvantaged. 

The above circumstances still require a commitment from parents to attend intake interviews prior to the service being provided and every effort will be made by staff to assist with this. 

Please note: It is not a requirement that parents have a court order to use this Centre. However where parents do not have an agreement or an Order in place and where no risk factors are being investigated supervision will only be offered for three months.   

After this time if parents want to continue with supervision it is expected that have addressed in an appropriate way the reason they require supervision. For example mediation (or on a waiting list for mediation), a written agreement or Court Order outlining how their particular situation should progress.